Hair cuts and Hats

February 17, 2010

Ok, I promise to never make promises again that I can not keep… including promises to post because we all know that it might not happen! :O)

So as promised a while ago I said I’d post photos of hats I made… well, I didn’t, but I did put them on facebook so you can see them here… HATS

However I will post photos of my baby girls new haircuts! So cute! I took my girls to a salon for the first time ever yesterday and they came out like this… first up… Phoebe… they took nearly 10 inches off her hair!!!!!!!!!! And I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! and so does she! :O)

Maybe I should have taken the photos BEFORE they went to play and put their pjs on… oh well. it still looks cute :O) and the dye is temporary :O)

Next up… Madde… They only took 3 1/2 inches off but if you had seen her right before it is a HUGE difference too! Her hair was SO damaged and looked really blah, now it’s super cute and has some layers :O) LOVE IT!

So there you have it… aren’t they purdy :O)

This afternoon my sister gave me a call and had a GREAT idea. She wants us to challenge each other in our scrapbooking so we can get back into it. We are going to a scrappy retreat in May together again and we would both like to be more prepared than we are now… probably me more so than her, considering that she is a CTMH consultant she still does some, I have hardly touched my stuff in a LONG time, but it’s partly because I took on sewing and crocheting and my photography career, and life happens… :O) So I’m really looking forward to getting back into it again… you’ll be able to see some of my progress here too I’m sure.

Anyhow, that’s it for now… I’m off to watch some more of the Olympics! YAY, GO CANADA!!!! :O) ttfn!