Hello to you all!

December 2, 2009

Well hi there! I’m so glad you managed to find my new blog. You may be asking yourself WHY would I get a new blog, and I’ll tell you. Basically for the last 13+ months I was paying for my blog to be hosted at typepad. I added it up and I had spent well over $100 for my family blog in just one year! Crazy considering that I forgot quite often to even update it… soooo I have recently revamped my photography website, http://freezingtimephotography.com and in doing so I decided that I wanted to host with wordpress because of their simplicity and their AWSEOME theme options! The one I’m using over there in particular is by tofurious over at www.tofurious.com . SO, anyhow, when I moved my hosting for my website I figured I might as well move my blog too and save myself some $$$. The nice thing about a wordpress blog is that it’s FREE!! and totally awesome and easy to work with.

SO, welcome, to my new FREE home on the web. The next thing I have to do is remember to update it lol!

Onto regular stuff…. Incase you’re wondering….

Madison and Phoebe are doing awesome in school here! They both got straight A’s on their report cards, and have made a ton of friends! They’ll be performing in their Christmas concerts on the 15th, I’m totally looking forward to that and plan on video taping it so perhaps I’ll be able to share that on here.

Darren’s adjusting well to his new job. It’s a big change and a HUGE shop so it’s taking some getting used to but so far so good for the most part. He’s finding things to do finally too. Actually as I type this he is out at a bluegrass jam. I’m so happy for him that there is something here for him that he enjoys and that he can meet other people with the same interests.

I’m LOVING it here! My photography business has picked up and is going well. I’ve averaged 1 shoot a week, which is great for now. I’ve made some friends, joined Spa Lady, found a quilting store here that has classes I intend on joining and much more. It’s been a big adjustment for all of us moving from a small town of 6000 people to a city of more than 1,000,000 people but I think that it’s a good adjustment. 🙂

I took Madison and Phoebe to the Santa Clause parade in Fort Saskatchewan on Saturday with some friends. It was short and sweet but nice too. They got some candy, met a new friend and had a great time. I did have a bunch of pictures of it, but some photographer I am, I accidently erased my memory card before I uploaded the photos on my computer!! UGH! Well at least we’ve got the memories. 🙂

I’ve got the house all decorated for Christmas. For the first time ever I let the girls decorate the tree all on their own (other than the lights and garland). I think they did an awesome job of it, and I plan on taking photos of the decorations and the tree in the next couple days so check back and I’ll share them on here soon. I’m very excited that this year my mother and father in law and Darren’s brother Kevin will be coming here to spend Christmas with us. I absolutely love having lots of family around during the holidays.

Well, I think that’s about it for today. If you actually made it to the end of this post then thanks for reading my blabber. 🙂 Chow for now!